About CTS


In February 1999, a few days before the Chinese New Year, the Cambridge Taiwanese Society was official registered with the University of Cambridge Junior Proctor. It signaled a new era in the long history of the Cambridge University Republic of China Society. Our name reflected our new emphasis on the serving the wider Cambridge Taiwanese community in addition to CU students. It also reflected the transformed role of our state, the Republic of China, emerging through a silent revolution from dreams of empire to dedicated governance of Taiwan.

Since the beginning, we were generously supported by the local community financially and, even more importantly, through their active participation in our events. Past funding for our events have also come from individual and corporate sponsors, the University Societies Syndicate, the Taipei Representative Office in London, and SUROCUK.

Above all, however, it has simply been about students having fun. Cambridge has two major universities, the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University, as well as a host of language schools operating year-round. Our aim has been to serve as many of these students as possible in as many ways as possible.

Our predecessor organisation, the CUROCS, has an illustrious list of alumni dating back to the founding of the society, just as Cambridge University has a rich tradition of training Taiwanese students to go on to achieve fame and fortune. (We all certainly hope so!)

CTS Constitution


This crest is designed dedicated for Cambridge Taiwanese Society. It is divided by a wavy line in the middle, which represents sea and freedom. The top half part indicates that CTS is a society of Taiwanese people in Cambridge. The walking lion in the upper left corner represents Cambridge University while the Taiwan in the upper right shows clearly where we come from. The icon of hardcovered ancient book in the lower left corner comes from the university crest. It shows the nature of CTS, a student society. The ivy leaves in the lower right highlights the core value of
our society, strong and lasting friendship. The shield,"Bordure", which represents Honour, is surrounded by ermine spots, marks of dignity. (The CTS Crest was designed by former CTS president, Charles Lee, in 2006)

Colour meaning
Or (Gold) Generosity
Argent (Silver or White) Sincerity, Peace
Azure (Blue) Strength, Loyalty
Vert (Green) Hope

CTS Crest