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"...they look like an explosion in a tie-dye factory"

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Molly dancing is an ancient tradition from the depths of East Anglia, practised by the locals and passed on from generation to generation by word of mouth alone. It was once widely observed in the fenland villages, but now only a few hold the ancient secrets. Many people say that the last of the Molly dancers are less than completely mentally secure and accuse them of performing "manic street dances"! Few realise its true artistic nature.


Gog Magog Molly was formed in 1996 to celebrate Cyril Papworth's 80th birthday. Disregarded by Cecil Sharp as "primitive", the original dances form the basis for Gog Magog's repertoire, which also includes our own compositions (and one or two dances borrowed from other sides). Gogs are easily spotted by their colourful attire and carefully un-coordinating faces.


We practice on Tuesday evenings, 8-10pm, at various locations in Cambridge (see below for latest info). New dancers and musicians are always welcome. If you would like to come along and see for yourself what it's all about, please email us for directions or further information.

Practice this term is at the Stoneyard Centre, St Andrew's Street Baptist Church, St Andrews Street.

If you want to contact Gog Magog about anything, email us at molly ]at[ cusu.cam.ac.uk

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