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Gog Magog Molly/Open Morris
Day of Dance

Saturday 24th November 2001

Gog Magog Molly will be hosting a day of dance in Cambridge on Saturday 24th November to coincide with the Open Morris AGM on Sunday 25th in nearby Godmanchester (hosted by Fenstanton Morris).

Scragenz/Bunnies From Hell will be providing a scratch side for Cotswold dancers who are coming for the meeting on Sunday but don't have a side to dance with. Accommodation will be available for Saturday night.

The programme for the day is as follows:

10.30 meet at Henry's Cafe, Quayside, Bridge Street
11.00 dance at Quayside
12.00 dance in Sidney Street
1.00 lunch in The Cricketers P.H.
2.00 dance in Fitzroy Street
3.00 dance somewhere else?
4.00 retire to pub/tea-shop to recover

(all times approximate)

For details of the Open Morris AGM on Sunday 25th November click here.

If you are interested in coming either as a side or an individual then please email us at soc-molly-contact@lists.cam.ac.uk

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