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7th January 2008
Dancing in Fenstanton
12th January 2008
Whittlesea Strawbear Festival
14th January 2008
Plough Monday - Dancing at local Schools
26th January 2008
Ouse Washes Day of Dance
1st March 2008
IVFDF 2008, Sheffield
21st March 2008

Parker's Piece Skipping Celebration
12th April 2008
Thriplow Daffodil Festival
10th May 2008
St Neot's Folk Festival
29th June 2008
Melbourn Village Fete
1st-8th August 2008
Sidmouth Folk Week
16th March 2008
Purim Party
2nd May 2008
Lakenheath Middle School
27th May 2008
Dance at the Cambridge Blue
17th June 2008
Green Dragon dance out
11th July 2008
William Westley School Fete
12th July 2008
Ely Folk Festival
25th-27th July 2008
Ouse Washes Weekend
6th September 2008
Maths Video Filming
16th September 2008
Innovation Trek dance out
19th-21st September 2008
Boggarts Breakfast Weekend of dance
4th October 2008
Dance at Rachel and David's wedding ceilidh
11th October 2008
Burwash Manor Apple Day
18th October 2008
Seven Champions Workshop
14th December 2008
Pig Dyke Molly Day of Dance

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