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9th January 2006
Plough Monday- dancing at Newnham Croft and Whittlesford Primary Schools
9th January 2006
Evening- dancing in Fenstanton
14th January 2006
Whittlesea Strawbear Festival
21st January 2006
Mark Jones (Ouse Washes) Day of Dance
28th January 2006
Display at the Round ceilidh
24th-26th February 2006
IVFDF 2006, Cambridge
12th March 2006
John Kirkpatrick "Playing for Morris dance" workshop at the Tithe Barn, Sproughton near Ipswich
11th April 2006
Display spot at contra, Ely
22nd April 2006
Display at St George's dance, C# House, London
25th April 2006
Pub evening at Live and Let Live, Cambridge
6th May 2006
St. Neots Folk Festival
27th-29th May 2006
Chippenham Folk Festival
30th May 2006
Pub evening at The Cambridge Blue
10th June 2006
Alpaca afternoon, Barton
17th June 2006
Newnham Croft School Fete
25th June 2006
Herts Folk Association Molly Workshop
6th July 2006
Pub evening with Devil's Dyke - Tharp Arms, Chippenham, and George and Dragon, Snailwell
8th July 2006
Ely Folk Weekend
14th-16th July 2006
Gog Magog Molly Tenth Birthday Weekend of Dance
25th-28th August 2006
Towersey Village Festival
2nd-3rd September 2006
Wallingford Bunkfest
17th September 2006
EAP, St Edmund's College, Cambridge
14th October 2006
Cycle tour
26th November 2006
Gog Magog Molly Day of Dance, Cambridge
2nd December 2006
Mill Road Winter Fair, Cambridge
2nd December 2006
Reindeer evening, Barton

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