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Gog Magog Molly - Diary

8th January 2005
Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival
9th January 2005
Cambridge Unitarian Church
10th January 2005
Plough Monday- dancing around local schools
10th January 2005
Evening - dancing in Fenstanton
15th January 2005
Ouse Washes Day of Dance
29th January 2005
Display at the Big Round Ceilidh
8th February 2005
26th February 2005
IVFDF 2005, Norwich
19th March 2005
Thriplow Daffodil Festival
23rd April 2005
St George's Day with Wype Doles in Whittlesey
26th April 2005
Dance Out at the Live and Let Live
1st May 2005
Sunrise Dance Out on Castle Mound
7th May 2005
St Neots Folk Festival
8th May 2005
Molly Day of Practice
26th May 2005
Dance Out at the Cambridge Blue with guests Ely and Littleport Riot
12th June 2005
Alpaca day, Barton
25th June 2005
Cycle Tour
4th July 2005
Dance Out at the Carlton Arms with guests Green Dragon
9th July 2005
Ely Folk Festival
30th-31st July 2005
Sidmouth Folk Week
2nd-4th September 2005
Wallingford Bunkfest
9th-10th October 2005
Pecsaetan weekend of dance
5th November 2005
Folk in the Fall
3rd December 2005
Mill Road Winter Fair
10th December 2005
Christmas Day of Dance with Black Annis, Ducklington Morris, Old Glory, Pig Dyke Molly and Novo Septum Vires.
31st December 2005
Unicorn Ceilidh Spot at Hitchin

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