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Gog Magog Molly - Diary 2000

    10th January 2000
    Dancing in Cambridge for Plough Monday
    15th January 2000
    Dancing in Ely & Little Downham with Ouse Washes
    20th February 2000
    Dancing at the Fort St George, Cambridge, 12-1pm
    25th-27th February 2000
    Inter Varsity Folk Dance Festival in Glasgow
    4th March 2000
    Display at the Round ceilidh
    25th-26th March 2000
    Dancing in Bolton, Lancs, at the invitation of Seven Stars
    18th April 2000
    Dancing in Clare, Suffolk, as part of the Nine Daies Morris
    1st May 2000
    Dancing at dawn for May Day
    13th May 2000
    Whittlesey Carnival, at the invitation of Wype Doles
    19th May 2000
    Display at the ASNaC Society ceilidh
    3rd June 2000
    Magog Trust Millenium Fayre
    24th June 2000
    Teversham Village Feast
    25th June 2000
    Cambridge Friends of MDA Garden Party
    27th June 2000
    Dancing at the Fort St George, 8pm
    8th July 2000
    Ely Folk Festival
    11th July 2000
    Dancing at the Cambridge Blue, 8pm
    16th July 2000
    Barrington Millenium Fair, at the invitation of Cambridge Morris Men
    29th July 2000
    Gressenhall Folk Dance Festival
    8th-10th September 2000
    Yorkshire Chandelier weekend of dance, Sheffield
    30th September 2000
    Display at Reeling in Ealing ceilidh
    14th October 2000
    Display at the Round ceilidh
    31st October 2000
    Hallowe'en - Dancing in Whittlesey with Wype Doles
    3rd December 2000
    Day of dance in Cambridge with Pig Dyke and Ouse Washes
    7th December 2000
    Dancing in Waterstones Bookshop with Cambridge Morris Men
    17th December 2000
    Pig Dyke Molly day of dance, Peterborough
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