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Gog Magog Molly - The Dances

  • The traditional dances recorded by Cyril Papworth form the basis from which Gog Magog's repertoire has grown ogrishly. We currently have a repertoire of 20-odd dances [punctuate that as you will]:

    • Arbury Court
    • The Big Swing
    • Close Relations (aka The Drums of War)
    • The College Hornpipe
    • Criss-Cross
    • Darga's Grandson
    • The Diabolical Machine
    • The Doubling Map
    • Fenland Safari
    • Green Fingers
    • Hard Ground
    • Idiot's Delight
    • The Mississippi Mud Dance
    • Mitcham's Corner
    • Molly's Wedding
    • The Oompa Loompa Dance
    • Reality Checkpoint (aka The Sorting Hat; formerly Little Yarmouth)
    • Russell Wortley's Maggot
    • The New Spring
    • The Royal Greenwich Observatory
    • The Special Molly Dance
    • Stamp Strangely
    • The Ultimate Molly Dance
    • Why the River Goes Crunch

  • Detailed descriptions of these dances can be found here.

  • Gog Magog's Music is also available in PDF or ABC format.

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