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Towersey Village Festival
August 2011

Photography © Colin Harrison 2011

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Lots of legsTwelve MaggotsFeets

Andrew being eaten by a monkeyJacob with crownAdam with floppy hatEGOAlicia
Jon wearing a sea anemoneEmmaChristopher with VikinghatMiriam with centurion helmetJohnKaren
Jacob and AndrewJohn & Christopher
Ruth, Will & JohnLots of Gogs, mostly Poppy & Gina
Ed makes Scary EyesEd with liripipe and goggles

Adam by fenc Jacob by fence, also Fish!

The Sorting HatDancing feat. Alicia's legsDancing feat. Jon's legs
Dancing feat. Will's legsDancing feat. stationary WillDancing feat. stationary yellow legs
Hoy, left sideHoy, right side

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