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Mexican Short Films Festival
February 11, 2003
8 PM
Clare Hall College

For the One World Week (OWW),event organised by the student Union, CuMexSoc has invited Mexican film Director and actor Juan Solari who will show several of his own short films.

Juan Solari, received his degree (BA) in Theatre Arts in 1987 from the Drama School of the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico. He just got a MA in Audio Visual Production from London Metropolitan University. As an actor. Solari has appeared in five films of which the foremost has been "Rojo Amanecer" (Bloody Sunrise) and he has also participated in six Soap Operas for Mexican television. He has been, TV Director, Production Coordinator, Casting Director and Creative Director for various production firms. As filmmaker, his short film "Latin Doves" has been Official Selection in the International Film Festivals of Sarasota and Rhode Island, USA. Mr. Solari will answer any question regarding his short films and how they were produced and film.

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