Cambridge University Volleyball Club  
Women's Blues Squad

Pictures of the women's team in action:
(Captions by R White - address abuse to him please.)

Vogt and Pasquet look on anxiously as Alex Ellis passes a ball from well beyond the baseline

Captain Friederike von Tiesenhausen in silent prayer as she prepares to serve

Von Tiesenhausen launches her swing attack as Kirsteen Gordon looks on in awe

Kirsteen Gordon in a textbook service position

Nicole Vogt shows how to pass the ball

Concentration is etched on the face of Pascale Garaud as she sends her service skimming under the net

Shevella Lindley delivers a power spike through the middle as the block debates whether to risk life and limb by attempting to stop it

Stephanie Pasquet prepares to put the full weight of her shoulder into a middle attack as Birgitte Boonstra moves in to cover