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Pictures from the men's EVA qualifying at RAF Digby, 5/12/99 (click on thumbnail for full picture).

Match report

Alessio Ruggieri is a picture of concentration as he serves in the evening sun
Carsten Dirksen catches forty winks between matches
Colin Feeney - a man who loves his volleyball
Dan Escott (10) leaps high to send a middle attack well above the Liverpool block
The Liverpool block has still in the air, but the gazes of Huw Vater (2), Roger Martinez (3) and Richard White (12) indicate that Escott's middle hit has already grounded.
Daniel Mesnard (nearest) and Carsten Dirksen block - but the ball has tooled down inside them. Goons...
Daniel Mesnard prepares to pass as Alessio Ruggieri (4) and Roger Martinez (3) both somehow manage to stare directly into the camera flash
If Daniel Mesnard was sleeping during this picture, then I don't want to know what he was dreaming about
Whilst his philistine team-mates doze off between matches, Fabian Wagner instead settles into a good book
Huw Vater (2) and Carsten Dirksen (17) block Liverpool's outside attack. Anyone for "Spot the ball"?
Mathias Klaui - a picture of calmness and serenity despite some woeful photography
Coach Patrick Howorth dishes out orders to his side, something that Mathias Klaui (18) seems to be enjoying
Roger Martinez stops the Liverpool outside attack in its tracks as Dan Escott (10) sidles over to offer help
Roger Martinez shows he can be just as scary off-court as he is on it
Roger Martinez... tall, dark and mysterious, as ever.
Cambridge captain Richard White shows a textbook position in the air as he prepares to hammer past the Liverpool "block"
Steffen Krusch pouts shamelessly as the paparazzi close in
Steffen Krusch about to do someone some mischief through the outside