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Pictures from the 1999 Varsity Match:

vars01a.jpg (10032 bytes)
vars02a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Photos of the team taken in Christ's College on the morning of the big match
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Paul-Henri Plantevin inspects wear and tear to his feet
vars04a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Star setter Klaus Reinhard shows off his new footware
vars05a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Dan Escott (10) celebrates another great block while still in mid-air (honestly:)
vars06a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Ruediger Hoyer (4) and Garth Smith (15) block the Oxford attack
vars07a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Oxford finally get one past the block...
vars08a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Smith deceives the Oxford block
vars09a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Rudolph Glitz hits against his team-mates from last year
vars10a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Glitz and Smith in conversation
vars11a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Garth prepares to serve
vars13a.jpg (10032 bytes)
The bench enjoy the action
vars14a.jpg (10032 bytes)
The bench in a different line-up, but David Watson adopts his familiar pose...
vars15a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Escott (10) hits clean over the Oxford "block"
vars16a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Coach Maik Leder dishes out instructions
vars17a.jpg (10032 bytes)
Huw Vater and John Branch limbering up
vars18a.jpg (10032 bytes)
The winning point is scored....
vars19a.jpg (10032 bytes)
...the rest of the team rushes on...
vars20a.jpg (10032 bytes)
...let the celebrations commence!