Cambridge University Volleyball Club  
Intercollegiate Volleyball

These rules are still subject to change without notice up to 10th April 2001. After that, changes will be highlighted and dated. Rules 1, 2 and 7 are aimed at getting as many people around the university playing volleyball - we hope you will abide by the spirit of this. If anything is unclear then please email the tournament organiser for more information.

NB: There have been a number of significant changes to the international rules in recent seasons. We will be adopting these changes in the summer league. Please follow this link for a summary of the new rules.

  1. Player Eligibility
    • No player may play for more than one team.
    • Wherever possible, a team should consist of members of that College.
    • All non-college members must be arranged through the tournament organiser by 5pm on the weekday before the game or with 24 hours notice, whichever is earlier. Any team fielding a player not agreed in advance will lose all points from that game and will be liable to lose their deposit.
    • Players must play for their own College if it has entered a team in the competition.
    • All players must be members of the University.
    • Non-college members must play in the "lowest" possible team.
  2. Teams
    • Teams should consist of 6 players, although the "incomplete team" rule does not apply.
    • If a team starts the set with fewer than 6 players, the opposition will be awarded 3 points per missing player (2 points per player in deciding set). There will be no mid-set penalty if an injury occurs and the team can only continue with 5 players, but the penalty described above will apply at the start of any subsequent sets. The "ghost player" system is not used.
    • A team may claim 2 bonus points for every woman they have on the court at the start or each set up to a maximum of 8 points (maximum 5 points in deciding set). If a team claims these points then that player may ONLY be substituted for another woman (including exchange with the Libero). There will be no penalty if an exceptional substitution is required due to injury. Points may not be claimed for a female Libero. There is no minimum number of women required per team.
  3. Scoring
    • All matches are best of 3 sets, played with the rally-point system:
    • Rally-point scoring is used throughout (ie. team scores point whether or not they serve the ball)
    • First two sets are played to 25 points or 2 clear (no ceiling)
    • Deciding set (if required) is first to 15 or 2 clear, changing ends at 8
  4. Misc Rules
    • Referees should attempt to apply the backcourt player rule, even though the outdoor courts may not have a 3 meter line marked.
    • Teams are allowed 2 time-outs per set.
    • Standard substitution rules apply.
  5. Other than detailed above, the matches are played to 2001-2004 FIVB Indoor 6-a-side rules - please note recent rule changes.
  6. The referee's decision is final in all playing matters.
  7. Teams unable to field a team should give notice to the other captains involved and the tournament organiser by 5pm on the weekday before the game or 24 hours beforehand, whichever is earlier. Failure to give adequate notice will render teams liable to lose their deposit. At the agreement of both captains, a match may be rearranged in advance for any reason, or postponed at the venue if the weather or playing surface is considered dangerous. In general, it is hoped that games will be rearranged, rather than abandoned.
  8. Results (score in sets) should be submitted by email to the tournament organiser on the first working day after each game.
  9. League Scoring
    • 3 points for a win
    • 1 point for a played loss
    • Positions decided by points, then sets for and finally sets against if required
    • If still tied, the result between the teams in question will determine which team finishes higher
  10. The tournament organiser's decision is final in all non-playing matters.