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There are a number of new rules which have been introduced to the game for the 1999-2000 season. A full Official Volleyball Rulebook is available to download from the FIVB website ( An outline of the changes is given below:

Ball touches net on service

A served ball which touches the net remains in play. If, after touching the net, the ball passes to the opposite side then the ball remains in play.

Service Attempts

A player is only allowed to release the ball once in an attempt to serve. There are no second attempts. A player is allowed 8 seconds in which to serve following the referees whistle and signal. 

Net touched by a player

Touching the net is ONLY a fault when playing the ball or interfering with play.

Scoring system

Matches are now played using rally-point scoring throughout all five sets (ie. every rally scores a point for the winning team, regardless of who served). Matches will be played to the best of five sets; the first four sets are played to 25 points and the fifth (if needed) is played to 15 points. Each set must be one by two clear points.

Second team hit

Normal strict standards should apply to the second and third contacts unless a player making a defensive play is doing so under extreme pressure.

Libero player

A special playing position introduced this year who has certain playing and other restrictions. In particular, the libero:

In addition:

Misconduct Sanctions

A "verbal warning" is now given when a referee first decides that a team's behaviour has gone beyond an acceptable limit. No card is shown but the game captain is warned that further misconduct will be penalised. If any player subsequently commits an offence of rude conduct during the match then he/she will the receive the yellow card penalty, which is now accompanied with the loss of a rally (and hence point to the opposite team). If the same player repeats rude conduct then an expulsion is sanctioned using the red card and the player concerned must sit behind the team bench or in a designated area., taking no part in the match for the remainder of the set in progress. For repeated offences after expulsion, a player is sanctioned with disqualification (red and yellow cards) and must leave the control area (sprts hall area) for the remainder of the match.

Delay warnings

Will apply to the whole match (as for misconduct), rather than one for each set. On the second occasion a team delays play it will receive a delay penalty.

Freedom of movement of Coaches

A couch is now allowed to stand or walk anywhere in the free zone, infront of the team bench from the extension of the attack line up to the warm-up area. The coach must not interfere with or delay the game and should not stand in the substitution zone.