Cambridge University Volleyball Club  
Club Information

CUVC Constitution

(last revised May 1998)
  1. The Club shall be called the Cambridge University Volleyball Club.

  2. The objects of the Club are to promote the playing of volleyball at all levels in the University.

  3. The Committee shall consist of Men's Co-ordinator, Women's Co-ordinator, Secretary, Junior Treasurer and Social Secretary. It shall be the responsibility of the Co-ordinators to organise coaching for all levels of the Club. The Committee may, at its discretion, co-opt additional Committee members where it perceives a need, or to fill vacancies that may arise.

  4. The Secretary shall call a meeting when elections for Committee members are necessary, giving at least seven day's notice.

  5. Membership is open to all members of the university and any other who may apply to the Committee. There shall be an annual fee for membership which shall be fixed by the Committee. The Club shall not refuse membership on the grounds of race, sexuality, religion or political views. It may, however, expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the Club into disrepute. All members have full voting rights at Club meetings.

  6. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held each year at the end of the Lent Term or at the beginning of the Easter Term at the Committee's discretion. The time and the venue of this meeting will be publicised by the Committee at least seven Full Term days beforehand.

  7. A Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the Committee each year to audit the Club's books. The Senior Treasurer shall be exempt from liability for all debts other than those that he/she has personally authorised in writing.

  8. This constitution shall only be amended by a two-thirds majority of all members at an AGM or a meeting specifically called for that purpose for which at least one week's notice has been given.

  9. In the event of the Club folding, any remaining funds shall be returned to the University Sports Syndicate.