The 2015 - 2016 Committee

President: Kat Connolly

Captain: Silke Astrea Riesle Sbarbaro

Vice-Captain: Denis Natykan

Secretary (and Safety Officer): Mycroft James Halliwell-Ewen

Treasurer: Toby Livesey

Social Secretary: Quang Nguyen

Competition Officer: Louis Dwyer-Hemmings

Website Officer: Adrito Das

Alumni Liaison Officer: Mathias Lidgren

Chairman: David Firth

The 2014 - 2015 Committee

President: David Firth

David Firth
Final year medic al student at Trinity College. David was Vice-President in the club’s first year of existence, and this is now his third year as President. He is also in the Boxing Blues Squad, which has helped to develop his stand-up game. He is currently setting up the University Commission of UKMMAF, and now has over 20 universities on board. He has a wide variety of interests outside of martial arts, holding nine half blues from three shooting clubs, and having represented England for the first time this summer in Match Rifle’s ‘Five Nations’. He has previously captained CUSBC (small bore rifle) and this year is CURA Captain (full bore rifle).

Captain: Carl Salji

Carl Salji
Astrophysics PhD student at Selwyn College. Carl has been with the club for several years, and often ends up coaching the team. This is his second year as Captain. He has a well-rounded experience in martial arts, which includes a black belt in taekwondo, Blues Boxing Squad experience, and a strong ground game. Outside of martial arts, he has half blues in full bore shooting, and represented Ireland in the prestigious ‘Elcho Match’.

Vice-Captain: Kostas Ziovas

Kostas Ziovas
Chemical Engineering PhD student at Clare Hall. Kostas has been practising martial arts for many years. He began with traditional martial arts but later switched to kickboxing, muai thai, boxing and more recently MMA. His recent achievements include making the Blues Boxing Squad and a half-blue in Kickboxing (with two consecutive varsity victories).

Women's Captain: Silke Astrea Riesle Sbarbaro

Silke Astrea Riesle Sbarbaro
Second year PhD student in Veterinary Medicine at Wolfson College. She has a strong and varied back ground in martial arts, and has even competed in thai boxing on a trip to Thailand. She alos boxes for the university as a member of the Blues Squad, and their current Women’s Captain.

Secretary: Mak Takahashi

Mak Takahashi
Geographical Research mPhil student at Emmanuel College. Mak represented Queen Elizabeth's School on its waterpolo team for four years. He is new to MMA, with just one year of experience, but he is keen to ensure that CUMMA is a place where seasoned veterans and total beginners alike can train, fight, and learn.

Treasurer: Kat Conolly

Kat Conolly
Second year PhD student studying hypertension and arterial disease at Robinson College. She starting training with CUMMA in 2012 during her MPhil degree, and will be serving this year as the Junior Treasurer.

Competiton Officer: Niklas Ek

Niklas Ek
Third year Land Economy student at Jesus College. Niklas is the club’s Competition and Safety Officer, having trained Mixed Martial Arts since he got to Cambridge. In addition to this he plays Rugby for his college and is the president for the Land Economy Society.

Alumni Officer: Mathias Lidgren

Mathias Lidgren
Graduated from Medicine (St. Edmunds’s) in 2013. Mathias founded the club in 2011, and was the first President of CUMMA. He also spent a year as Captain and led the club to its first competitions. Since graduating he is keen to stay involved, and before summer he donated funds to produce our first ever ‘Club Colour’ ties. He has a black belt in taekwondo, boxed with the university Blues Squad and has been training in Mixed Martial Arts for many years. This year he is on his F2 Junior Doctor rotations in hospitals around Cambridgeshire.

Social Secretary: Katherine Macfarland

Katherine Macfarland
Third year medical student at Emmanuel College. Katherine is following in the footsteps of yet another medic (aka Quang, club mascot). She is dedicated to ensuring the club bonds outside of training, and planned socials include club swaps, formals, Hawks Club nights, and watching the major MMA events this year. She is also a member of the boxing club.