Plastic TV -New Flatpanel Display Technology has come!

Mr Takeshi Sano (PhD student, Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis, Department of Chemistry, Clare College & Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd, Hirakata-City, Osaka)

Saturday, 22 May, 1999; 7:00-9:00pm

Seminar room, Darwin College

Ultraman, Uchusenkan Yamato, Candies, Yamaguchi Momoe -- they are our old friends in our hearts, and "Colour Television" has been the provider for all of them. We have been so long getting along with the big and heavy television that we never stop to think it is too bulky.
However, we can catch a glimpse of future flat-panel displays which are light and thin, for example, liquid-crystal displays. You can imagine a tidy office with stylish flatpanel displays instead of bulky CRT monitors.
In this May meeting, I will talk about main features of recent flatpanel displays, virtual reality, the latest organic light-emitting diodes, and R&D towards plastic television for the near future.