Garbage in, Garbage out? - A report on the household waste composition analysis in Cambridge

Mr Kohei Watanabe (PhD student, Geography, St Edmund's College)

Saturday, 20 February, 1999; 7:00-9:00pm

Seminar room, Darwin College

The speaker was recently involved in a research project sorting out the contents of 45 household rubbish bins in Cambridge into more than 100 categories. The methods and the results of this survey will be presented.
With all the participants in the meeting, the speaker wishes to discover useful findings from this "rubbish" data. The speaker's current delusion is to defy the words of wisdom: "Garbage in, PhD out!?"
Note: This survey is conducted by a research team headed by Professor Kazuhiro Ueta (Kyoto University, Faculty of Economics). However, the analysis and views that will be expressed in the presentation are speaker's own, and do not reflect those of the research team.