Controlling Public Finance - Can we Prevent the Collapse of Japan? -

Mr Hideki Takada (LLM student, Faculty of Law, Sidney Sussex College)

Saturday, 21 March, 1998; 7:00-9:00pm

Seminar room, Darwin College

Japanese public finance is now confronted with a crisis. The FY1998/99 Budget, which is the first budget formulated under the Fiscal Structure Reform Law and is now under deliberation in the Diet, has significant meaning in judging the possibility of the recovery of public finance.
Although national budget and public finance are not familiar to many people, they have much to do with our daily lives. It is for us to seek the way to prevent possible financial disaster in the near future.
This presentation will start from the basic concept of public finance and the way to control it. Referring to the history and the status quo of Japanese public finance, we will discuss possible measures to improve it. The latest measure taken by the Japanese government, the Fiscal Structure Reform Law, will be explained as well.