Liquid crystal

Dr Yuichiro Haramoto (Visiting Scholar, Melville Lab.)

Saturday, 28 February, 1998; 7:00-9:00pm

Seminar room, Darwin College

Recently, our society has been affected by many scientific matters; liquid crystal, memory materials, semi conductor, super conductor, nuclear fusion, prevention of environmental pollution, hybrid car, clone, control of aging, space science .... The influence of science on our society has been gaining momentum in the past decades, and will continue more rapidly in the future. Therefore it is very important to be able to predict the direction of these sciences and to apply it to the policy of our government and the management of enterprise. As you know there are many countries which do not have electric company of television (TV). Hence they need to import TV from countries like Japan. Therefore, such an ability to predict the future of science is very important for the economic state of the country. On the other hand, the protection of the environment is very important for the future of earth. And recently in the field of the genetics, even a possibility of controlling the aging of human body have been studied. That is, science obviously has a large influence on our society, therefore the leaders of our society must have the knowledge of science. Now in Japan there are very few economists and politicians who have the knowledge of science. This condition must be changed.
For such reasons, this time I would like to illustrate the liquid crystal briefly. And I would like to discuss the displays for the future. And then please discuss each other from your special stand point how to bring up the science and technology in Japan and the relationship between social science and science.