Management of the 1995 drought in England: Lessons for water supply in Japan

Dr Yoshiyuki Imamura (Visiting Scholar, Geography)

Saturday, 18 January, 1997; 7:00-9:00 pm

Seminar room, Darwin College

In Japan, the present institution and social system have reached a deadlock and administrative reformation is being insisted. Therefore, need for reformation of the whole system is increasing. However, in course of the reformation, there are various problems which must be solved, such as reconciliation between privatisation for the introduction of free competition and restrictions for conservation of the environment, and appropriate disclosure of information. In the 1995-6 drought in Yorkshire, a number of criticisms were made of its management of the privatised Yorkshire Water. Conducting interviews with stakeholders in the drought issue, the case in Yorkshire was compared with the 1994-5 drought in Fukuoka and analysed from the above viewpoints and valuable lessons were revealed. For example, although advanced technologies and appropriate management were implemented in Fukuoka, the people of Fukuoka suffered more severe water shortage than that of Yorkshire because.....