The international nano-micro innovation contest is now coming to UK!

Nano-micro Technology

This is a contest for every hardware hackers! Build your cool gadget using nano-micro sensers and join the game!

Go International

Winners of the iCAN'16 Qualify Competition in UK will progress to the iCAN’16 final in Paris, France.

High Profit

$3,000 prizes will be awarded to the winners of the iCAN'16 final.


Your Team


On 4th May 2016, Cambridge University Inveloper Society held the iCAN UK 2016 at Lecture Theatre in Department of Engineering. Three brilliant teams from the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London were selected to the final after a careful screening process. This event attracted more than 50 undergraduates and graduates from different disciplines across the university. The team “CamHel” from the University of Cambridge won the first prize. They developed a smart bike helmet which features three functions: sending an emergency message when cyclists are in danger (for example, falling off the bike), voice navigation based on based on Google map and safety lights on the front and back of the helmet. The team “SuperCar” from Imperial College London was awarded the second prize and they created a smart toy car with sensors, which enable the toy car to run along a complicated trace and recognise the traffic lights accurately. The team “Speculo” from the University of Cambridge designed a magic mirror, which allows information such as time, weather, news, and calendar to be displayed on the mirror and the operation is controlled by voice commands. The first two winning teams have won the chance to represent the UK to join 2016 iCAN final, which will be held Paris this July. Dr Fumiya Iida, Prof. Alan Barrell, and Prof. Rick Mitchell from the University of Cambridge were invited to this event as judges and provided useful suggestions to all the teams. Dr Fumiya Iida and Prof. Alan Barrell also gave inspirational talks on fantastic soft robotics and innovation. As Prof. Rick Mitchell commented, “Each team shows their great intelligence and creativity in developing new sensor applications. The iCAN contest provides a good platform for young scientists and engineers to create novel work that changes our life.”