"HEY GRINGO! Through Peru"

Hola amigos, the C. U. HISPANIC SOCIETY is proud to present a unique and acclaimed theatre event, back in Cambridge:

*** "HEY GRINGO! Through Peru" written and performed by PETER SEARLES (Honorary Member of C.U. Hispanic Soc) THURSDAY 8th November 2002 at 8PM ***

He bought a ticket, jumped on a plane and set off. No Rough Guide in the world could have prepared him for the consequences...

Bateman Auditorium - Gonville and Caius College (Directions below)

Exceptionally subsidised price: 3 members and 4 non-members


The Author: Peter Searles is a fine British actor and play-writer. He has already performed for the BBC Shakespeare series (Richard III and Titus Andronicus) and has written a play trilogy, "Hey Gringo!", inspired by his extensive trips to South America. "Through Peru" is his second performance for us, after the unanimously successful "A Chile Christmas" last term.

* Reviews:

"...Prove Searles's credentials as a great stand-up storyteller. Like a trip up the Amazon, you keep craning your neck to see what's coming next. It's fascinating,scary and funny tale from way beyond our narrow confines. Prepare to be transported..." (Evening Standard)

"...An eminently likeable, extremely charismatic and highly skilled practitioner... he also has some hilarious stories to tell about travelling in South America... Searles is wholly excellent company. I'm going to pay to see Bolivia and Beyond. And a critic can't lavish higher praise than that..." (What's On)

"...Searles could have gone on for another hour and nobody would have batted an eye, such is his way of dragging you into his shaggy dog stories about would be revolutionaries, licentious admen, eco-warriors and puffed-up officials... A stand-up storyteller par excellence, Searles is the diametric opposite of a pub bore, his cosy campfire chat a combination of Bill Bryson's eye for ridiculous and Rory Bremner's ear for mimicry..." (Metro)

"...Quite what makes Peter Searles such a revering story teller is hard to put a finger on. Maybe it's the way he drops in wonderfully surreal details or the fact that his tales never quite go the way you expect..." (The Guardian)

"...His self-deprecating humour has you laughing with him at his travel experiences... The show includes many serious moments too..." (The Scotsman)

* HOW TO GET TO THE BATEMAN AUDITORIUM: Go through Caius main gate, follow straight ahead across Tree Court, pass through the Gate of Virtue and it's in I staircase on the other side of the court in the left corner.

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