1. of the Society

i) The Society shall be known as Cambridge University Hispanic Society.

ii) The aims of the Society shall be:

a) to promote interest in the life and culture of the Spanish speaking countries

b) to create awareness of social Hispanic issues

c) to encourage the learning and teaching of the Spanish language

d) to provide a social focal point for all members of the University and people in the Cambridge area that have a common interest in things Hispanic

e) to achieve a better understanding for everybody of different cultures, aiming to eradicate fear of diversity, which is a cause of social tension, therefore creating a better place for everybody to interact

2. of the Members

i) All senior and junior members of the University shall be eligible for membership of the Society on payment of the appropriate subscription. Persons who are not members of the University may also become members of the Society on the recommendation of the Officers and Committee, and on payment of the appropriate subscription.

ii) All membership shall be at the Committee's discretion. It shall not refuse an application for membership on the ground of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or political views. It may, however, expel any member for behaviour likely to bring the society into disrepute or inappropriate conduct.

iii) All senior and retired senior members of the Departments of Spanish and Portuguese and Officers who have served in the Committee for more than FIVE University terms shall be Honorary Members of the Society. The committee shall also have the right to offer honorary membership to distinguished persons who may or may not be members of the Society.

iv) Guests and non-members may be admitted to all non-business meetings of the Society subject to the provisions of 6.(ii) below.

3. of the Officers and Committee

i) The Officers shall be:

a) The Sub-President, using this term to underline the crucial role of the Society's membership base

b) The Secretary

c) The Junior-Treasurer

d) The Vice-President

e) The Senior-Treasurer, who shall be a senior member of the University

ii) The Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Society and FIVE junior members and no more than THREE senior members.

iii) a) It shall be the duty of the Sub-President to call all business meetings of the Society and to preside at them. The Sub-President shall concern him/herself with the Society's affairs in general, circulate information to the membership as the need arises and assist the Secretary, Junior-Treasurer and Vice-President whenever possible to carry out the duties of their offices. The Sub-President shall inform the Senior Officers of the Society of the results of the annual elections, supplying the names of the new Officers as soon as they are elected.

b) It shall be the duty of the Secretary to arrange the non-business meetings of the Society and to take and distribute the minutes of all Society meetings. The Secretary shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Society and for the correspondence arising therefrom.

c) It shall be the duty of the Junior-Treasurer to be responsible for the finances of the Society and to manage them so that no deficit is produced at the end of the year. The Treasurer shall make and receive all payments on the Society's. Not later than 31st December in each year he/she shall present the previous year's accounts to the Senior-Treasurer for confirmation and submission to the Junior Proctor.

d) It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to keep details of members, and assist the Sub-President and the Secretary in their functions.

e) The Senior-Treasurer shall concern him/herself with the Society's finances, specifically in advising the Junior-Treasurer on the financial affairs of the Society.

f) The members of the Committee shall concern themselves with the good running of the Society in general and shall carry out whatever duties the Committee may from time to time request them to perform.

iv) The Officers and Committee shall all be expected to speak Spanish.

4. of Elections and Appointments

i) The Sub-President, Secretary, Junior-Treasurer and Vice-President and the junior members of the Committee shall be elected annually by a straight majority of the votes cast by members of the Society present at the Annual General Meeting. Only Current members of the Society who joined before the AGM has been called shall be eligible to vote. Members will be required to produce a valid membership card. The Sub-President shall cast an extra vote in case a simple majority cannot be obtained. Votes shall be counted by two Officers who are not candidates for the Committee posts. Candidates for election must be members of the Society and must be nominated and seconded by two other members of the Society. Proposals for Office and/or membership of the Committee shall be submitted in writing to the Sub-President at least FIVE academic days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. The Office of Senior-Treasurer shall be in the gift of the Sub-President and shall be renewable every THREE years to a maximum tenure of NINE years. The senior Committee members shall be appointed annually by invitation of the junior Officers.

ii) At the time of his/her election the Sub-President shall have served at least ONE full University term on the Committee of the Society.

iii) At the time of their election the Officers and committee members shall each have been a member of the Society for at least ONE full University term.

iv) The Committee may at its discretion co-opt additional Committee members where it perceives the need, or to fill any vacancies that may arise.

v) The Committee may appoint from among the active members of the Society ONE official representative for each College. Each College representative may be asked to represent the Society in more than ONE College.

5. of the Meetings

i) An Annual General Meeting shall be called each academic year to elect the Officers and Committee for the following year and to discuss other business. Additional General Meetings may be called from time to time. Details of each General Meeting shall be displayed at least SEVEN days before the date of the meeting concerned. A quorum of THIRTY shall be required at the AGM.

ii) Meetings of the Officers and Committee shall be called at least THREE times in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms and at least ONCE in the Easter Term. A quorum of THREE shall be required at these meetings.

iii) Programmes of other meetings and events shall be arranged for the Michaelmas and Lent Terms.

6. of the Finances

i) All members of the Society shall pay an annual or a life subscription at rates fixed, from time to time by the Officers and Committee. Honorary Members shall be invited by the Junior-Treasurer to make an annual contribution to the funds of the Society. Additional pro rata charges may be made to members for attendance at certain of the Society's meetings or events. The amount of such charges shall be fixed by the Committee.

ii) Guests and non-members shall be charged an admission fee for each meeting and/or event of the Society which they attend, the rate of charge being fixed for each occasion by the Committee.

iii) The Junior-Treasurer shall keep and manage all the Society's funds (except a cash float and the Sinking Fund) in a bank account in Cambridge.

iv) There shall be established a Sinking Fund which shall be managed jointly by the Junior-Treasurer and Sub-President in such a way as to earn for the Fund the maximum of interest consistent with immediate availability of the cash in the Fund. The optimum sum held in the Fund shall be decided from time to time by the Junior-Treasurer and Sub-President.

v) Monies shall be withdrawn from the Sinking Fund for use only in emergency or in exceptional circumstances and shall never be withdrawn without the consent of the Senior-Treasurer and a majority of the Officers and Committee. It shall be the duty of the Junior-Treasurer to manage the Society's finances in such a way as to repay to the Sinking Fund any monies withdrawn as soon as possible after their withdrawal.

vi) The signatories for the withdrawal of money from the Sinking Fund shall be the Sub-President, the Junior-Treasurer and the Senior-Treasurer. For each withdrawal the signatures of ONE of these Committee members shall be required.

vii) The annual accounts of the Society shall be presented to the Senior-Treasurer for his/her confirmation and submission to the Junior Proctor before 31st December in each year.

viii) Neither the Junior-Treasurer nor the Senior-Treasurer shall in any circumstances be held personally responsible for any debt incurred by the Society, such responsibility being held collectively by the members.

7. of the Constitution

i) Amendments to this Constitution may be made only at a General Meeting of the Society and shall be approved or defeated by a straight show of hands of members present.

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