The Cambridge University Czech & Slovak Society (CUCSS) is an association of Czech and Slovak students at the University of Cambridge. The main aims of the Society are to provide members with a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on a diverse range of topics relating to the events affecting the situation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and to initiate and maintain coordinated dialogue between the Czech and Slovak students at the University of Cambridge, as well as at other universities in the UK and abroad.
Constitution of the Society (PDF)


The Michaelmas 2015 termcard is here: Termcard (PDF). Details about the upcoming events will be added to the Calendar.

Experience Cambridge

Experience Cambridge is a new shadowing scheme run by the Czech and Slovak Society. We will be inviting high school students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia to come to Cambridge and see what it's all about. More information at experience-cambridge.org


Membership is open to all current and past Cambridge University members and to any other interested persons. There is no membership fee, and the membership is lifelong. One becomes a member by joining the official mailing list (where all the activities of the Society are being announced and discussed). All membership requests through an @cam.ac.uk address are approved automatically, requests through addresses at other domains depend on deliberation of the list moderators.


You can contact the committee by writing to our mailing list at Soc-cucss-committee (add (at) lists.cam.ac.uk). Alternatively, you can contact individual committee members (add @cam.ac.uk):
President : Jiří Lhotka (mv320)
Secretary : Kristina Králová (sb2047)
Treasurer : Ondřej Tobek (pt371)
Events Officer : Filip Murár (fm397)
Events Officer : Štefan Benčík (sb2033)