Archaeological Review

from Cambridge

Movement, Mobility and Migration
Issue 23.2, November 2008


Table of Contents

Theme Editor: Emma Lightfoot

Death and Burial Cover

Emma Lightfoot

Migration in Archaeology: Are We Nearly There Yet?
Susanne Hakenbeck

Migration, Craft Expertise and Metallurgy: Analysing the 'Spread’ of Metal in Western Europe
Ben Roberts

Greek Moulds and South Asian Figurines. Hellenistic Migration and the Production of Figurines at Taxila, Pakistan
Gethin Rees

Chariots and Migrants in East Yorkshire: Dismantling the Argument
Christopher Morley

Understanding Age, Stature and Nutrition in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire During the Roman and Early Anglo-Saxon Periods (AD 43–700)
David Klingle

Mobility Strategies and their Social and Economic Implications for Late Stone Age Sahelian Pastoral Groups: A View from the Lower Tilemsi Valley, Eastern Mali
K. M. Manning

The Use of Ancient Microsatellites to Detect Past Migrations
Michael G. Campana

Following the Fat: Food and Mobility in the European Upper Palaeolithic 45,000 to 18,000 years ago
Alexander J. E. Pryor

Helena Hamerow

Book Reviews and Notes
Edited by Nisha Doshi

Hinterlands and Regional Dynamics in the Ancient Southwest (Edited by Alan P. Sullivan III and James M. Bayman) – Jamie Kathleen Anderson

Calima and Malagana: Art and Archaeology in Southwestern Colombia (Edited by Marianna Cardale Schrimpff) – Manuel Arroyo-Kalin

Archaeological Anthropology: Perspectives on Method and Theory (Edited by James M. Skibo, Michael W. Graves and Miriam T. Stark) – Monique Boddington

The Archaeology of Early Egypt: Social Transformations in North-East Africa, 10,000 to 2650 BC (By David Wengrow) – Michael Brass

Inauthentic Archaeologies: Public Uses and Abuses of the Past (By Troy Lovata) – Katherine Cooper

Stone Mirror: A Novel of the Neolithic (By Rob Swigart) – Brian Dolan

Box Office Archaeology (Edited by Julie M. Schablitsky) – James Holloway

Precolumbian Water Management: Ideology, Ritual, and Power (Edited by Lisa J. Lucero and Barbara W. Fash) – Nicholas James

Pottery Economics in Mesoamerica (Edited by Christopher A. Pool and George J. Bey III) – Sheila Kohring

Negotiating the Past in the Past: Identity, Memory, and Landscape in Archaeological Research (Edited by Norman Yoffee) – Kate Lantzas

Archaeology and the Media (Edited by Timothy Clack and Marcus Brittain) – Constantinos Papadopoulos

Guts and Brains: An Integrative Approach to the Hominin Record (Edited by Wil Roebroeks) – Alexander J. E. Pryor

Olmec Archaeology and Mesoamerica (By Christopher Pool) – Daryn Reyman

Documenta Praehistorica XXXIII - 13th Neolithic Studies (Edited by Mihael Budja) – Natalie Thaïs

Uomini Eating and Drinking in Roman Britain (By Hilary E. M. Cool) – Natalie C. C. White