Archaeological Review from Cambridge

November 2003

Issue 16.1 & 2 cover four colorful skulls, human and warthog

16.1 & 16.2 Contending with Bones
(double issue)
Edited by Nicky Milner, Dorian Q Fuller and Mary Baxter




purple warthog skull image
16.1 Animal Bones

Nicky Milner and Dorian Q Fuller
Contending with animal bones

John Stewart
Bones as sedimentary particles

Rosemary Luff
Ancient Egyptian bone preservation: A pretty kettle of fish

Nick Winder
Estimating the life expectancy of a dead goat: The bootstrap parametrisation of an archaeozoological model

Nicky Milner
Pitfalls and problems in analysing and interpreting the seasonality of faunal remains

Sandra Mónton
Archaeozoology in Spain: Some current problems

Joanna Brück
Different types of dog at Roman Godmanchester

orange human skull image
16.2 Human Bones

Mary Baxter
Contending with human bones

Charlotte Roberts
Bees in my bonnet: Reflections on biological anthropology in the U.K.

Theya Molleson
The archaeology of family planning and the role of infanticide

Mary Baxter
Corporeal realities, or flesh and blood as well as bone

Fiona Hutton
Skeletons in the prehistoric closet: A Reichian analysis of prehistoric physique

Dragos Gheorghiu
Invisible presences and clay ancestors: Human body and statuettes in Chalcolithic funerary ritual

Cornelia Catuna
Exquisite corpses: Gold, males, females and androgynes in East European Eneolithic

Book Reviews

Bioarchaeology: Interpreting Behaviour from the Human Skeleton
C. S. Larsen
Reviewed by Sonia Zakrzewski

The Archaeology of Human Bones
S. Mays
Reviewed by Mary Baxter

Ancient Greek France
A. T. Hodge
Reviewed by Matthew Fitzjohn

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