Archaeological Review

from Cambridge

Technologies: Changing Matters: Changing Minds?
Issue 21.1, April 2006


Table of Contents

Introduction: Technologies: Changing Matter; Changing Minds
Brad Gravina

Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers in Transition: Environmental Adaptation or Social Transformation? ARC cover
Farina Sternke and Laurent-Jacques Costa

The Space and Time of the Chaine Operatoire: Technological approaches to past landscapes
Chantal Conneller

Chaine Operatoire, Chaine Evolutionaire? Putting Technological Sequences into an Evolutionary Perspective
Felix Riede

Technologies of Disclosure: posthuman practices and cremation in Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Wales
Marcus Brittain

Lets NOT Talk Technology: Bringing production into a discussion of Technological knowledge
Sheila Kohring

Building technologies, quick architecture and early Neolithic long barrow sites in southern Britain
Lesley McFadyen

Book Reviews and Notes
Edited by Brad Gravina

Dirty work? Nationalism and Mediterranean Archaeology: An article on Archaeology under dictatorship by Michael Galatay and Charles Watkinson, eds. (Britt Baillie)

The Burren and the Aran Islands: Exploring the Archaeology by Carleton Jones. (Helen Lewis)

The Goddess and the Bull, Catalhoyuk: An archaeological journey to the dawn of civilization by Michael Balter. (Stephanie Meece)

Climate change in prehistory: The end of the reign of chaos by William J. Burroughs. (Anne D. Holden)

Essays on cultural transmission by Maurice Bloch. (Felix Riede)

The Late Roman gold and silver coins from Hoxne Treasure by P.S.W. Guest. (Christian Cloke)

Atlantic connections and adaptations: Economies, environments and subsistence in lands bordering the North Atlantic by R.A. Housley and G. Coles, eds. (David Steel)