Seen & Unseen Spaces

Issue 30.1, April 2015


Theme Editors: Matthew Dalton, Georgie Peters & Ana Tavares

Introduction: Seen and Unseen Spaces
Matthew Dalton, Georgie Peters & Ana Tavares

'Out of Sight': The role of Kfar HaHoresh within the PPNB landscape of the Lower Galilee, Israel
Michal Birkenfeld and A. Nigel Goring-Morris

Site and Scene: Evaluating visibility in monument placement during the Bronze Age of West Penwith, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Chelsee Arbour

(In)visible cities: The abandoned Early Bronze Age tells in the landscape of the Intermediate Bronze Age southern Levant
Sarit Paz

'All that we see or seem': Space, memory and Greek akropoleis
Robin Rönnlund

Becoming Visible: The formation of urban boundaries in the oppidum of Manching (Bavaria)
Thimo Jacob Brestel

Mutable spaces and unseen places: A study of access, communication and spatial control in households at Early Iron Age (EIA) Zagora on Andros
Kristen Mann

Privacy and Production: Sensory aspects of household industry in Classical and Hellenistic Greece
Katherine Harrington

Some thoughts on the habits of graffiti-writing: Visual aspects of scratched inscriptions within Pompeian houses
Polly Lohmann

Visibility, private religion and the urban landscape of Amarna
Anna Stevens

In the eyes of the other: The mythological wall reliefs in the Southwest Palace at Nineveh
Kiersten A. Neumann

Ziggurats: A viewer's guide
Mary Shepperson

Modelling household identity in a multi-ethnic society
Miriam Müller

From vision to cosmovision: Memory and the senses in the creation of Maya ritual space
Lisa M. Johnson, James M. Crandall and Lucas R. Martindale Johnson

Visualising personhood: Race, space and materiality in the historic mortuary landscapes of eastern Long Island
Emily Button Kambic

Segregation of mortuary spaces within the context of double funerals: An ethnoarchaeological approach applied to Neolithic Pouilly
Jennifer Kerner

Creating visual boundaries between the 'sacred' and 'secular' in New Kingdom Egypt
Nicola Harrington

Life after death: Shrouded burials in later Anglo-Saxon England
Siân Mui


Book reviews
Edited by Matthew Dalton

Archaeology and the Senses: Human Experience, Memory, and Affect
By Yannis Hamilakis
Reviewed by Lucy Shipley

An Archaeology of the Troubles: The Dark Heritage of Long Kesh/Maze Prison
By Laura McAtackney
Reviewed by Calum Gavin Robertson

Animals as Neighbors. The Past and Present of Commensal Species
By Terry O'Connor
Reviewed by William C. McGrew