05/08/17 Michaelmas 2017
We are looking forward to another year of ancient adventures! If you are at all curious about what we do, come and find us at the fresher's fair at Kelsey Kerridge on the 3rd-4th October, drop the committee an email, or find us on facebook. Text for the coming term to be announced soon!

01/06/17 New partnership with Studypool
We are delighted to announce that for the 2017-18 year the Ancient Literature Society is sponsored by Studypool, a leader in online homework help.
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  • 05/07/15 End of Term
    We can proudly conclude another fascinating year for the Cambridge University Ancient Literature Society. We went on an adventure with an Egyptian Prince, into space with Lucian, and investigated all literary angles of Creation and Destruction. The society has had a consistent number of members attending meetings and events, we have elected a new committee, and we are looking forward to what next year will bring! See you then!

    01/06/15 Annual Garden Party
    Our Garden Party, themed Creation and Destruction will take place on Wednesday, June 17 from 3pm - 7pm at Leckhampton Gardens (just off Grange Road). Food and drink will be provided, although contributions are welcome! Entry is totally free and friends/family are encouraged to join. We will be hosting the ASNC choir, a cuneiform tablet session, and much more!

    13/03/15 Elections!
    Our AGM will take place on Saturday the 9th of May and positions up for grabs are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Social Events Officer and Graduate Liason Officer. Please e-mail apmm2 at cam dot ac dot uk if you would like to run.

    In other exciting news, next term we wil be looking at texts centering around CREATION AND DESTRUCTION! More on that soon!

    01/02/15 Annual Dinner
    We are excited to announce that our annual dinner will take place on March 4 in the amazing Stanley Library at Girton College. Dinner tickets will be 26 GBP and with wine 29 GBP. If you would like to purchase one, please do so via the website or at our weekly meeting. Hurry, because tickets will stop being sold February 15!

    10/01/15 True Story!
    In Lent Term 2015 we will be reading Vera Historia by Lucian.

    "As much a predecessor of Douglas Adams as Jules Verne, Lucian's fantasy explores not only outer space (where he brokers war and peace between the inhabitants of the sun and moon), but also the Elysian fields, the geography of the Odyssey, and the interior of a giant whale. We get to meet Homer, Pythagoras, Socrates, and other immortals, as well as a host of bizarre creatures. The text is riddled with puns, innuendo, parody and satire."

    Stay tuned for an overview of each week's bit of text!

    23/12/14 Happy Holidays!
    The Ancient Literature Committee wishes you all a very good holiday and a fantastic new year. See you in 2015! (New text to be revealed shortly!)

    09/10/14 Squash
    It was amazing to meet so many of you at our Freshers' Squash today! Hope to see you on Saturday, when we kick off with our Egyptian text for the term. As a reminder, this is a list of all the texts we will be looking at the coming weeks:

    week 1 - The Romance of Setna and the Mummies, part I: Prince Setna of Egypt goes in search of a magical scroll which will allow him to attain divine wisdom and other special powers. He meets some ghosts who tell him a sad story.

    week 2 - The Romance of Setna and the Mummies, part II: Setna continues his adventures - but then he meets the incredible and beautiful Tabubu. Life will never be the same again.

    week 3 - The Adventures of Setna and Si-Osire, part I: Setna has a vision of the Underworld and his son Si-Osire is born. However, a new threat emerges when a mysterious magician threatens Egypt.

    week 4 - The Adventures of Setna and Si-Osire, part II: Si-Osire fights the hostile magician with miraculous results, revealing an ancient story about a sorcery competition. The outcome will resolve the fate of Egypt.

    week 5 - The Contendings of Horus and Seth - perhaps the best-known religious tale in all of Egyptian mythology, where two rival gods fight for supremacy in a series of dramatic contests which highlight the importance of lettuce.

    week 6 - The Tale of the Two Brothers - a moving tale of brotherly love, marital strife and talking livestock. In Egypt, evil actions always have consequences.

    week 7 - The Shipwrecked Sailor - A mysterious story about a merchant who ends up on an island inhabited by a strange hybrid creature with a story to tell. Perhaps one of the earliest true poems ever written.

    week 8 - The Story of Sinuhe - Written as an autobiography, this work is all about court intrigue, battle, exile and return. Count Sinuhe discovers a very different world outside the borders of Egypt, and comes to some interesting conclusions.

    08/10/14 Freshers' Fair II
    Thank you all for visiting us at the Freshers' Fair! We gathered about 200 new people to our mailing list, and hope some of you will dare to make the step to visit a few meetings as well this term! Remember: we are going to start with some Egyptian stories, Saturdays at 3:30pm, at King's College. At the end of the term we will vote on what to read after Christmas, so do let us know if you have any preferences or suggestions.

    05/10/14 Freshers' Fair
    The CUSU Freshers' Festival 2014 will be held over two days on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th October, on Parker's Piece and in Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre which is adjacent. We will have a large stall there, so come find us! Look out for stacks of books, and of course biscuits.

    04/10/14 New Website
    New website launched! Let us know how/if it is working on your phones, Ipads and other Ithings.